domingo, 30 de agosto de 2015



The perfect tribute, with the perfect Requim song, when a  part of us "die", and the music is not a sign of sadness, but a sign of peace, a deep and personal peace.

A peace that leaves us with a cleaner soul, and with the ability, to see around us, in a clear way, the world and the people. A quiet soul, where the fog disappeared. A heart more detoxified, which senses, even with eyes closed, see where evil is, and where is goodness, where is the true love and friendship,  where is evil, disguised as an angel protector and friend… but evil...
Today, I can be more light than darkness!
Today, I can be more forgiving than revenge!
Blessed is who dive deep into chaos, but has emerged, perhaps, with many injured, some almost deadly, others, only deep, and others, only bruises, and, he, the hunter, can only and only heal, the  different wounds, with self-forgiveness and some self-pity ...
"Lazarus was dead, and Christ gave him life. A parable? Maybe ... but how many of us, being alive, are we, in fact, living a dead life? A non life?

I am a hunter! Hunting mine inner peace!

A hunter who forgive, but not forget!
A hunter who seems to see nothing, but takes notes, in detail, about everything!
A hunter who protects his best friend and worst enemy at same time… himself!
A hunter who is not distracted, and protects, discreetly, a rare species, called FRIENDS, which are so few!
Have one (friend), just one, it's like having, inside her jacket pocket, a whole universe, and all the stars, sparkling near the heart and soul. Her heart and soul, all hunters have one, like rest of the peolple, but unlike of the other, just cause is a hunter, a hunter of inner peace, hope... an ultimate dreamer!
I am a hunter! semper fidelis!
And this is my perfect tribute to my person, and to the people who loves me, and care about me...
A needle in the brain, looking for hope, not for himself, but for others, it was his small contribution, always in secret and alone, because a hunter, a real hunter, thereby hunting, and meets its goal, in peace and quietly ...

Thanks God, i'm a Hunter, the kind of hunter I'd like to be, and I am, thank you ...

FRIEND, I've never walked away from you, i'm aleays near, for now, i'm Hunting around! In Peace!
João Ramos - Agosto de 2015

PS: One of the sweetest and most beautiful music ever. A soundtrack of one of the best movies ever, which tells us about joy, friendship, pain, love, personal trauma and war trauma.
That tells us of those who were healthy in body and mind, those who were imprisoned in a crippled body, and those who lost their reason, mental alienated, trying to survive day to day, until the last day ...
A film which speaks to the heart and tells us that after the "storm, comes the good time," and that life goes on, and on, and on ...

(The Deer Hunter, in Portuguese "O Caçador")

PS 2: Forgive  the mistakes, my brain feels and, think and reflect, but is clumsy, served me the support of one of my princes, in this case, João Filipe, all of him, heart and soul !

Thank you my son, for helping me to rewrite and carry the message!